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Guest whores cheap
Article back from 2010:


Prostitutes throughout Argentina are casting off police persecution and demanding the same rights as other workers. They have formed the Association of Women Prostitutes of Argentina, or Ammar – the word amar means to love in Spanish – … and have set their sights even higher. In the coming months, the nine-year-old organisation plans its boldest step yet: to demand government recognition as an official union. It would be the first such union in Latin America and one of only a handful in the world.


1,700 Argentine prostitutes are now registered as members of Ammar, whose leaders say government recognition would give the organisation the legal standing to fight for the decriminalisation of prostitution. Technically, prostitution is not illegal in Argentina but most provinces have laws allowing the arrest of prostitutes for causing ‘scandal in the public thoroughfare’.


Pimping is illegal but brothel owners are rarely sent to jail. Instead, they form shady business alliances with the police, who collect regular rake-offs.

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