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Street Prostitute Reports

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there is plenty of street prostitution in sosua right downtown all of the time. feb 2016... girls are there available nearly 24 hours a day.   the price is between 1500 2000 pesos dr.  which is like 30-40 dollars.  there are many cute girls and many not so cute.  everyone has had a kid so look closely for bellies and saggy breasts...padded bras. that said girls are not the greatest in bed.  after 10 minutes they start complaining and say they have to go.  girls are tricky and not that nice truly.  but many are very beautiful.  set the price and all conditions before hand and get them to agree.  look them in the eye and say its a full hour...and that they need to comply.  to be truthful, the girls in either cuba or colombia are way better in bed in my experience.  i wouldn't really come here as a mongering destination.  i wrote a book on santiago de cuba  and one on medellin which are available on amazon...look up "Whores of Santiago" 

and "Medellin Girls."  by Ned feldman for more info on those areas.

 Perhaps things are better in other places in the DR.  but I havn't been super impressed here.  The girls may be beautiful and inexpensive but their attitudes are poor.  watch out for them stealing things from you.  make sure your hotel or condo security get their ID before they come into your house and don't take 2 girls with you.  one will be fucking you and the other robbing you.  

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