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Found 10 results

  1. RedLights

    Swingers Club in Amsterdam

    Where are the Swingers Clubs in Amsterdam? You can also find Amsterdam escorts, streetwalkers, body rubs, strippers & strip bars, ts & male escorts from WikiSexGuide: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Amsterdam
  2. strip club

    FKK Artemis

    One review in a German online publication wrote "Although the outside of the building is about as erotic as a corporate office park, the interior is a bizarre cross between mid-1990s Las Vegas and a cheesy British 'Carry-On' film." The Artemis is organized as a sauna club, similar to several other German brothels: customers and prostitutes pay an entry fee (€80) and can then use all facilities as long as they want. The brothel is open from 11 am until 5 am, seven days a week. Food and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the entry fee; alcoholic beverages are served for €10 a drink and limited to 3 drinks per customer. About 30-40 women work on a typical night; they are mostly nude or near nude. The men are also allowed to go naked, but are usually clothed in robes or towels. In the food area everybody must be clothed. Sexual services typically include oral sex without a condom, and sexual intercourse with condoms. The payment (normally €60 for half an hour, ejaculating at most once) is given directly to the women after the act; the house does not receive a cut but regulates the prices and services. There are also male masseurs by the pool who charge €40 for 30 mins. The brothel has 40 employees, in addition to the prostitutes who technically are not employees. Prostitutes can stay at the brothel, renting rooms on the fourth floor which is off-limits to customers. Artemis was created by the Turkish businessman Haki Simsek for some €5 million. The German prostitute support group Hydra has endorsed the transparent concept but has reserved judgement until the working conditions of the women could be evaluated. Several comparable clubs exist in Germany, most of them in the area north of Frankfurt. One of them, Atlantis, was closed in 2004 after legal troubles. Artemis is located near the west end of the Kurfürstendamm in an industrial area of Charlottenburg, close to the metro and railway station Westkreuz and about 0.5 km south of the ICC. It is a little more than two kilometres from Berlin's Olympic stadium, famous for hosting the 1936 Olympics and the venue for several games of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in football (soccer).
  3. NewYorkSexMachine


    Street prostitution in Heerlen Due to problems in Heerlen or by heroin - street prostitution in 1996 to decide the local one prostitution area, which is then systematically disabled citizens. In 1999 the council decided to re-zone a streetwalker in a different location. It works since June 2000. Tippelzone sabotaged by citizens In 1996, Heerlen years' heroin street prostitution ", and caused [two] years nuisance, which the sources consulted described as: hours through residential areas away from prostitution clients. That decision years the City to construct a prostitution area . This is formally established in January 1997, the Heideveldweg in north Heerlen. Its purpose is to reduce the nuisance of street prostitution elsewhere in the city. From the start block residents of the neighborhoods Palemig and Heksenberg around Heath Veldweg permanent access to the prostitution area, and know as to prevent that once a prostitute or customer zone can actually use. Soliciting occurs in this period actually on a car park, or in, shopping. After five months the CDA draws its political support to the zone, which no longer has a majority, and the city council in May 97 decision to close the zone. In the period to June 2000, according Intraval getippeld actually in the neighborhoods and Grasbroek Breederveld, according to the Volkskrant on the Sittarderweg near downtown and on an industrial estate in Heerlen-Noord. Tippelzone Imstenraderweg In July 1999 Decision the city to a new zone on the streetwalker Imstenraderweg on an industrial site in south Heerlen. Its purpose is: a) prevent and reduce the nuisance of prostitution; B) to enhance the safety of female prostitutes, c) improve the medical care and assistance to female prostitutes. In June 2000, the area in use taken. Prostitutes who want to work must have a permit, these are has given up 85 in May 2001 this number reduced to 70. On behalf of the municipality of Heerlen does Intraval office in 2000 and 2001 study likely effects of imposing the prostitution area. In his report states Intraval that by setting the area by residents in the former streetwalker area experiencing nuisance or street prostitutes greatly reduced, and that the area around the new tippelzone the annexation of public space by drug addicts " leads to strong increase in nuisance to residents. About changes in the safety of prostitutes or the quality of care does for them Intraval not comment. Opposition to the tippelzone In 2005 make "a number of council members" to, to close the prostitution area, and pointing to the closure of the areas in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. After evaluation of the Heerlen area allows the city council in January 2006 out that closing the area or limiting the hours or make major cuts in cost would not be logical, would lead to more nuisance of street prostitution more risk and less concern for the women.
  4. RedLights

    Swingers Clubs

    To post a reply to a topic, select the Reply to this topic button on top or adding your post in Reply to this topic section at the bottom. You can also find Brussels scorts, streetwalkers, body rubs, strippers & strip bars, ts & male escorts from WikiSexGuide: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Brussels
  5. strip club


    Is this the only brothel in Baden-Baden? Any reviews? Laufhaus Baden, Balzenbergstrasse 43 http://www.laufhausbaden.de/
  6. strip club


    Here are the brothels in Heidelberg listed: Eroscenter Heidelberg, Güteramtsstrasse 11 http://www.eroscenter-heidelberg.de/ Erosocenter 13, Güteramtsstrasse 11 Exclusiv Studio Heidelberg, Am Rohrbach You can read more from: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Germany
  7. RedLights


    To post a reply to a topic, select the Reply to this topic button on top or adding your post in Reply to this topic section at the bottom. You can also find Regensburg escorts, streetwalkers, body rubs, strippers & strip bars, ts & male escorts from WikiSexGuide: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Germany
  8. strip club


    You can fin prostitutes from following areas in Oldenburg. Sex-Palast-Oldenburg An der Braker Bahn 6 26122 Oldenburg (Oldb.) Tel.:0441-24 34 6 & Pretty Women An der Braker Bahn 6 26122 Oldenburg (Oldb.) Tel.:0441-17 83 1
  9. strip club


    Crazy Sexy Eros Center - Mainz Bahnhofstrasse 17 55128 Mainz Opening times every day from 10:00 - 04:00 clock Girl selection: http://das-crazy.de/ Tel.: 06131 - 288660 How to get there : ' Exit the railway station via the main entrance and Bahnhofstrasse is on your right. 50 meters further on you will come to a 6-level building.
  10. strip club


    Antoniusstrasse (Antoniusstraße), about 150m distant from the Rathaus is the main prostitution center in Aachen. In the Middle Ages and recent modern times, the official name of the street was Hurengasse. This was changed to the present name by the City Council in 1872, named after Anthony of Padua, who is a patron saint for the poor and for prostitutes. In recent times, there have been attempts to shut down the red-light aspects of the street, due to its closeness to the town center of Aachen, or else to restrict it to one end of the street.