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    Luang Prabang Sex Guide 2016

    Luang Prabang, Laos Sex Guide update May 2016. Luang Prabang sex scene is still great in May 2016. You can get laid with the tourist girls at Utopia and this pub/club is not too expensive and has a really nice relaxed scene. It is open 24 hours! 1$ equals 8000 kip and 1€ equals 9000 kip. You can also drink great wine for just 25k to 35k kip at the local bars. Basic meals cost from 25k to 50k kip. Beer cost 5k at the shop and usually 10k for big bottle at the pub. If you like hard alcohol, you can buy a 330ml bottle of Rice wine from the shop for only 10k! 0.7l of local Lao Whiskey costs only 30k! Scooter rentals are 100k to 130k per day. You can bargain this price down to 75k kip. Attention! Many of these scooters go actually pretty fast and are powerful. Mine went up to a 110km per hour!!! You can get very nice hotel with breakfest for 150k to 250k kip. Most riverside hotels have reception but usually you do not need to enter to your room through the reception, so it is easy to bring girls to your room. Breakfest choices are usually local or western. Some of the escort girls use wechat or tinder to find clients and tend to ask around 500k for sex. If you prefer cheaper sex in Luang Prabang you can always go to the brothels. There is one whore house in Luang Prabang about 3km from the city centre hotels. GPS coordinates are: 19.873742 102.128803 Price in here is same as in the Luang Prabang red light district and the rooms are similar. But this whore houses has an shop where you can buy beer and you can also chat with the girls at the outside bar. Beer is only 8000kip so its fun to hang out with the girls and take your time to make decision. It is only like 800 meters from the red light district, so if you take a tuk-tuk in here, usually the driver will also stop at here for the same price! Red-light district of Luang Prabang which is better known as the "Chicken Ranch" can be found with the gps cordinates: 19.874111, 102.124639 There are about 5 brothels and usually each brothel has about 3 girls. Quality of the girls varies, but most are average looking, small and cute. They are about 18 to 20 years old. It is really about the luck if your wonder girl is working at your arrival time or someone else is fucking her. Most girls sleep at these brothels, so you can find them anytime of the day. Just browse the whore houses and pick your girl. Usually the mamasan will ask about 200k tot 300k first, but basic price is 150k. Still cheap I think for a good fuck. You can also change positions if you like but some girls may be bitchy about this, but will do the doggy style also after they complain a bit. Mot of the girls act like starfish first but after a while stay start moaning once they get turned on. Rooms are simple and with a mattress on the floor, garbage and a fan. Most girls want to keep the light off, but you can use your cellphone light to see better. Tuk tuk from the city center to these areas cost around 30k to 50k and the driver will wait you while you fuck as long it does not take longer than 20minutes. If you plan to stay longer in Luang Prabang and have sex often, it is recommended to rent a scooter so you can drive here anytime you wish, or bicycle which costs 15k to 20k per day. This way you will get a nice exercise and stay in shape! First you drive 3km with the bicycle, then fuck hard for 20 minutes and then drive back to your hotel for 3km and stretch for 10min. This way you will get a nice 1 hour work out and it will cost you same what the cross fit or yoga class costs back home! Overall Luang Prabang is a nice small city with relaxed feeling. You can take it easy, chill and eat good food! It is definitely recommended to visit example if you have stayed in Bangkok for a while and you are tired of the noise, pollution and ladyboys! In Luang Prabang you can be in the nature, still live cheap and fuck. During one week I did see only one ladyboy so if you like chicks with dicks it is not an ideal destination! You can fly to Luang Prabang from Bangkok quite fast and the flight time is about 1,5h. AirAsia flights are usually the cheapest and one way is under 100$ US. Bangkok Airways is more expensive, but if you travel in a group, then Bangkok Airways has a group discount deals. Most countries can get Visa on Arrival and cost is around 30$ US. You need a passport photo, but if you dont have one, the workers wills scan a photo of your passport and you pay 1$ US extra. Some citizens do not require a visa for short stays as example Japanese can stay 15 days without a VISA! Today you can also see many Japanese and Chinese tourist in Luang Prabang which was not so common in the past.
  2. WorldSexGuide

    Bangkok Nana Plaza Travel update 2016

    Bangkok Nana Plaza Sex update May 2016. Everything seems to be same in Bangkok and Nana area as always. Action at Nana street starts getting very active after 5pm. In Nana Plaza much later. Beer prices are usually around 100 baht still, but you can find some promotions at the end of the Nana street near Nanatai Mansion Suites like all you can drink beer for 2 hours (450baht). Some bars have promos like 69baht beer. In Nana Plaza next to the entrance beer cost 90 baht and 1st floor 79 baht right near the entrance. Most girl and ladyboy bars charge around 120 to 150 baht per beer. Most hotels in Nana area are guest friendly like always, but it seems to be common in these days to charge 500 baht for the second girl. So you can bring one girl for free, but if you bring 2 at the same time you need to pay 500 baht. Street prostitutes asked around 1500 baht, but some had starting prices like only 1000 baht, so you can get some good deals. WeChat works also very well in Nana area and at any given time of the day you can find a whore from WeChat nearby people chat. TukTuk and taxi drivers were not that aggressive this time and they have tough competition now as Uber is getting more popular in Bangkok like GrabTaxi also. Uber has also launched their Uber Moto service in Bangkok which is ridiculously cheap. Example if you want to take Motorbike to the Khao San road and go fuck some tourist chicks, it will cost you under 100 baht to get there by Uber Moro. Uber has also promotion now in Bangkok and Airport transfer from anywhere in Bangkok to Don Muang or Suvarnabhumi Airports is only 300 baht (plus tolls maybe 50 baht). Massage prices are still same. Foot or Thai Massage is maybe 250 to 350 baht and oil massage is 400 to 500 baht. In Nana area you should always check that you will actually get one hour massage if you buy oil massage. Sometimes girls only massage like 30 minutes and then leave. This never really happens if you buy foot massage. Normal actual girls seem to have almost completely disappeared from the Nana street and it looks like trannies have taken over the streets. This is great for ladyboy lovers who come to Bangkok to search chicks with dicks, but it is not nice for someone who likes to fuck nice and juicy thai pussy. I can answer to any question if you like! Just ask!
  3. WorldSexGuide

    Amsterdam info required

    Hey bro, You can start from these Amsterdam escort agencies: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Amsterdam/Escort_agencies Some of them have only female escorts, but the others have male escorts too. This may be quite expensive and cost you hundreds of euros. If you want to save money I would recommend you guys to go to the Fata Morgana Swingers Club which is not too far: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Amsterdam/Swinger_clubs/Swingersclub_Fata-Morgana
  4. WorldSexGuide

    General Reports

    Hey Larry900, I really feel sorry you had such a terrible time in Bulgaria. Absolutely you have to be careful in Bulgaria and especially with the Roma gypsy pimps and prostitutes, but I think you also had terrible luck.
  5. WorldSexGuide


    My friend fucked a gypsy prostitute in the field next to the intersection of Parc Industrial and Str. Petre Stoica. There is a round a bout and a truck park. Gypsy prostitutes stand next to the round a bout on a flashy outfits and you can see their tits almost coming out. He paid 50 lei (11€) for the girls and fucked her like 15 minutes. There was shit, condoms and garbage on the ground, but he was very happy guy afterwards. There is also a erotic massage place called Salon D'Ayr at Jean Monnet Nr.2. Me and my friends went there. This is a regular looking house next to a gas station with a sign Salon. They are open until 5am. Erotic massage which includes a hand job and a body 2 body massage where girl rubs her tits and body on you costs 150 lei. They only have few massage girls and we had to wait like 45 minutes until they were ready to receive us. Massage was ok, body 2 bofy massage was also ok, but not great, handjob felt good but there was no great erotic feeling. We were allowed to shower before and after the massage. House was very clean though, free wifi on the waiting room, the receptionist was super friendly and there was free parking on the front of the premise. They do give you a business card after the visit with a stamp and after 3 visits you get -25% off from the massage.
  6. WorldSexGuide

    Erotic Massage Parlors

    I have not visited those Marrakech places. Please leave comments if someone else has? I can highly recommend the Paradis Spa. It is maybe 1 kilometre from Jemaa El Fna in the corner street and discreet location. There is a guy maybe in hes 40s who will open the door once for you and a young girl working at the reception. Massage is a little more expensive than in other massage places. I had to pay 350 dirhams (35 USD) for one hour massage. Massage room is perfect, because it is an actual lockable room. I had girl maybe in her 20s massaging me and she actually massaged very well. Couple times somebody knocked the door and I could not see who, because I was laying on my stomach. But I heard girls giggling, so I guess it was the other massage girls. I was all butt naked in the room and she rubbed my ass cheeks and thighs very well. She offered sex for 1000 dirhams, but I bet there was a chance to bargain the price down to 500 dirhams. Blow job was offered for 300 dirhams, but after a little bargain you can get a BJ for 200 dirhams.
  7. WorldSexGuide

    General Reports

    I am not sure. When I was in Agadir I did not see any street prostitutes. My local friend told me to look girls from Badouar, but I did not see any. I was hanging out there couple times in evenings, but did not score. Maybe the street prostitution district has moved to somewhere else, or maybe most girls these days in Agadir work at the massage salons. I really enjoyed the erotic massage in Agadir. It was cheap and I felt completely safe. First time I went to a one was around 2pm and I just founded the place by luck. Massage place was on Rue de Fes, other side of the road from Auto Eca Leila. It was maybe 5 minute walk from my hotel and there was a sign on the street, locked door and hallway had a red- lightning and after I rang the door bell the girl came to open the door and walked me to the one floor up. There was red lightning and very erotic feeling in the reception area. There was the overweight casher (the girl who came open the door), one girl sitting on the couch with colored hair and older men sitting beside her. I paid for 1 hour massage and it did cost 200 dirhams (USD20) and the cashed walked me again one floor up. There was massage tables and curtains between them. She told me to get ready and I got completely undressed. After 5 minutes she came to massage me and actually gave me a very good rub, lots of touching near my private area and when she told me turn around I had a huge boner. She rubbed my stomach, inner tights and couple times touched my nuts again. Then maybe after 45 minutes she asked if I want extras. She would have offered me blowjob for 300 dirhams (USD30) and sex for 1000 dirhams (USD1000). Sex would have happened somewhere else, I guess at my hotel or maybe she had a place nearby, but she told me she can not do it there. I did not take a blowjob either because I felt 300 was too much for BJ and I did not want to wait till her shift was over for sex. So she cleaned the oil from me with a towel, I got ready and left the place. Later on next day my me and my friend went to this place and I told him not to pick the bigger receptionist girl. So we went there and asked for a younger girls and there was this very cute girl with a little bit curly hair and who said she was 19 years old. I really think she was hot, but I allowed my friend to take her and went for a coffee myself because there was only her and the fat girl available or I guess the other girls were massaging some guys. My friend got a bad massage from her. He said she massaged her with one hand only! But when the time was almost done she asked if he wants extra. She did not speak much english but showed a movement with her hand and mouth and my friend chose that. She asked for 300 dirhams, but my friend bargained the cost to 150 dirhams. She sucked hes cock and wanked once a while but did not swallow or take the cum in her mouth. But my friend was satisfied and got hooked right away to the massage parlours because this was hes first time. Next day we had to leave the city so I did not get a chance to try this girl.
  8. WorldSexGuide

    Shemale / Transexual Reports

    This is a must read guide to anyone looking for ladyboys, shemales or transvestite escorts in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Ladyboy Guide If you want to experience with “a little something extra”, Amsterdam should certainly satisfy your curiosity: elsewhere in this guide, we have discussed how easy it is to experience different sorts of girls in the Red Light District, varying in age, body type and race. In the case of t-girls, however, you may well be somewhat nervous about exploring this particular kink in human sexuality. Luckily, few things could be easier than “window-shopping” and you can take as much time as you need, whether you need it to build up your courage or simply to work out which would most appeals to your sensibilities. What is the difference between T-girls, LadyBoys, She-males and Transvestites? The terms “ladyboy” and “she-male” can be used pretty much interchangeably, although the ones from South America prefer to refer to themselves as shemales or t-girls and the ones from South East Asia call themselves ladyboys. Both usually have feminine features including a fair amount of plastic surgery including, most obviously, big fake breasts. Of course, if you can look past these sexy and hot appendages, you will notice that they often also have very fit masculine physiques and this is very much part of the appeal for aficionados. Ladyboys and trannies pretty much always still have their penis - and, by that, I mean it is still attached, not removed. You could call them “pre-op / pre-operative” transgirls but, in reality, only a small minority have any desire to take that final transformative step - most are very happy with their penis and aware that it is an important part of why their clients pay to spend time with them and get fucked by their big or small penis. Post-op trannies, ladyboys and she-males, with artificially constructed vaginas, would usually just be called “girls or ladies”. There are few of them in the Red Light District, trading as girls, which is their legal right, and very few people would ever guess their secret. Transsexuals and ladyboys usually live as females in every aspect of their lives. For the most part, their cultures are more accepting of men living entirely as ladies than a normal gay lifestyle. It is simplistic, but they find the idea of someone being “secretly” homosexual to be more intimidating. Many have theorised that, if raised in a more open culture, many shemales and ladyboys would, instead, choose to remain regular gay men. In the case of Thailand, an added incentive to live as a ladyboy and, in particular, to get breast that it allows you to avoid the otherwise compulsory military service. A transvestite or a crossdresser is usually a guy who enjoys sometimes dressing as a woman but usually lives the rest of their life as a man. They can be straight, gay or into other crossdressers. There are not many in the Amsterdam Red Light area, you would be more likely to find them in sex clubs, nightclubs and specialised bars, but you do occasionally see them in a window, usually in the same areas as the ladyboys and shemales, and usually at night which suggests that it is often a “hobby” experience for them, rather than a career move. How to Spot Trannies, Transsexuals, Ladyboys or Shemales ? Some trannies, ladyboys and she-males are extremely convincing, especially to the first timers. The convention is that they should have a blue, rather than regular red, light in their windows and this is accepted as sufficient disclosure. It is not that they particularly want to cheat anyone but the feeling is that, if an innocent tourist wanders in, pays his money and then discovers a penis where he did not expect one, that is his blunder, the sex worker gets to keep the cash. Obviously, this does causes arguments on occasion but, if the cops get involved and they can see the blue light in the window, they will tell the bewildered client that it was his fault. Incidentally, the coloured lights are a informal convention, not a legal requirement, it is not unknown for trannies and she-males to work without them, particularly if they are given a room that does not usually cater to ladyboys. Some have the light but use various ruses to obscure them, sometimes with the curtain, but most prefer not to attract trouble and know that, very often, there are more clients interested in them than the “genetic females”. Best Time of Day You can find them Ladyboys and She-males in Amsterdam’s main red light district at pretty much any time of the day. The ones who work in the day tend to be more established and to have built up a substantial clientele of regulars clients. There are substantially more she-male and ladyboy prostitutes at night and they particularly tend to work right through the night, right up until the early morning hours. This is because male inhibitions tend to be much lower in the night, and many men are a lot more likely to indulge this hidden part of their sexuality at that time, usually after drinking some alcohol or spending time in the coffee shop. What Will T-girl Prostitutes Do? Because you are the customer, it is very much up to you what happens. Although t-girls adopt feminine features, it appears that for many men ladyboys and shemales are a way to explore their attraction to men without facing up to the possibility that they might be, just a little bit, gay. Some clients just want to receive a blow job and perform anal sex on them, as if they were girls, but a far higher proportion of clients want to be the one to perform the oral sex and to be the ones getting fucked in the ass. Some transgirls and ladyboys will encourage the client to be direct about what they want, others will just let the client get there in his own time, with it sometimes taking several sessions before the client will timidly admit that he would prefer to be on the one who gets fucked. These sex workers have heard pretty much everything so, it is best to tell them right away what you want without being shy. Regardless of the role-play, no ladyboy or t-girls needs or want trouble, so, you really do have complete control over the situation. If you are uncomfortable with the direction in which things are going, just tell them. As long as you are paying for their time, you get to decide the speed at which things move and the vast majority will be very happy to provide their service to you in any way which makes you satisfied. This is a delicate topic to bring up but, if you would like another person to fuck you in the ass, iit is only polite to ensure that you are extremely clean down there. Think logically and be sure, before you go window shopping, that you do not actually need to go to take a poop. It might even be an idea to get an enema. Some guys just use a shower hose to clean their hole by letting maybe 200ml water in to their ass and then pooping it away and again doing this few times.
  9. WorldSexGuide

    Swingers Clubs

    Can anyone tell me please are any good Swingers or Gang Bang Clubs in Vienna? Is condom a must, or do some clubs allow bareback sex? I would guess oral sex is done bareback, but what about the penetration?
  10. WorldSexGuide

    Strip Clubs

    I can highly recommend Brass Rail. Beautiful girls, service is good and overall the look of the club is clean and cozy.
  11. WorldSexGuide

    TRNC brothels

    Does anyone in here have locations and addresses of the Cypriot Brothels? It does not matter wether they are in Northern or Southern side of the Cyprus.
  12. WorldSexGuide

    Russian girls in Bangkok

    I would say that most Russian escorts in Bangkok live at the average quality hotels and take clients there and hang out at the hotel lobby bars. I know there are that Russian prostitute area in Nana area as mentioned earlier, but high-end Russian whores do not hang out in that place. But again, I do not understand why someone wants to go have sex with a Russian girl in Bangkok? Why not go to Russia or European Brothel? Price is still about the same, because Russian escorts are more expensive in Bangkok than local Thai escorts.
  13. WorldSexGuide

    Tijuana (Mexico) or Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)?

    I suggest Santo Domingo. It is safer and girls are gorgeous.