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Found 2 results

  1. marek

    Erotic Massage Parlors

    Street vendors and hustlers in Jemaa el fna alleys try to sell you massage services. Price for 1 hour full service around is 500 -1000 dirhams (55-110 USD). Full service includes a massage and sex. There are also massage parlors sometimes attached to the hotels. You could also get a happy ending from those places.
  2. marek

    Cafe and Club Prostitutes

    You guys should remember that it is much cheaper to find girls from the Cafe´s at the daytime than night clubs in Morocco. Same prostitute will ask much more when it is night time but the service you get is same. So you can save a lots of money if you just fuck during the day time. If you see a local girl alone in a nightclub in Morocco, she is a whore, because girls are not allowed to be alone at night time in Morocco. At the daytime if you get an eye contact from a girl in the cafe or other similar place, she is a prostitute. Simple as that. At the night clubs, escorts usually try to make you pay 2-4000 dirhams (110-440 USD!), but you have to bargain with these sluts just like you bargain in the Marrakech markets! Always remember the golden rule, bargain bargain and bargain! If a hooker ask 4000 dirhams, you must give offer back such as 400 dirhams. Then you negotiate a little and maybe settle up a price such as 1500 dirhams. Some of the prostitutes act like they are regular girls and do not ask money until you have had sex with them. Then they may ask crazy amounts of money and you have to negotiate again. If you are rude and do not care about anything, you can just pay them whatever you want.