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  1. marek

    Red-light district

    Another article about street prostitution in Calle Montera. V is thirty-two, a native of Madrid, and looks like one of the youngest women on the street. Younger still are the girls who line Calle Montera, near the McDonald’s off Gran Vía. She considers the biggest difference between the workers like herself on Desengaño and those on Montera to be “that 99% of us work for ourselves and over there they have a pimp.” You wouldn’t know it; they’d tell you it’s a boyfriend. “Pero es un chulo.” A prostitute on Calle Montera, a pedestrianized street that runs from Gran Vía to Sol What’s her relationship like with those girls? “Hola, hola, sólo,” she says. I guess I harbored a mental picture of some underground social network, the clandestine world of prostitutes wherein they all swap stories in smoky back rooms of bars, but of course they are subject to equally mundane tendencies as the rest of society—cliques, prejudices. “Romanian,” she specifies, when I point out another difference—that most of the other girls appear to be foreign. “Those of us here on Desengaño, we’ve been here longer, we’re more established. The other girls, the majority is like mafias that are on Montera one month, one month in Barcelona, another month in a club.” She makes no mention of the issue of will, whether on Montera they—as is the case with many young foreign prostitutes in Spain—are forced into selling their bodies by these “chulos” and mafias through violence or intimidation after coming to the country with promises of different jobs, but perhaps it’s assumed. The work atmospheres are “very different.” Whereas there it’s more for the money, here it’s more relaxed. If there’s no work, the ladies hit a bar. “Es como más familiar.” (The men I’d noticed the first time and pegged as pimps? She smiles. “They’re just voyeurs. They come around every afternoon.”)
  2. marek

    Nana Plaza

    Nana Plaza and other areas in Bangkok have scam artists and will always have because there are so many tourists down there. You can watch a good documentary about scammers in Thailand on youtube.
  3. marek

    Soi Cowboy

    Thanks for the video! It is always nice to see sexy Thai ladies!
  4. marek

    Red-light district

    50 CNY sounds really cheap. That is like 8 usd. I think you have to be lucky and good looking to get that price in today.
  5. marek

    Red-light district

    I think China´s red light areas are a lot of fun. They are just complete different than European RLD´s,
  6. marek

    Street Prostitute Reports

    This youtube video is quite good to watch if you do not know how the street prostitution scene works. You can hear girls saying "massage only" 100 chinese money (16 USD) and "fucking" 300 chinese money (48 USD). Actually most girls are pretty in my mind, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7Jp2-I0_KM
  7. marek

    Street Prostitute Reports

    It all depend about the time and yours kills and girls looks. I have fucked girls in China for like 20 USD. But usually better looking street hookers ask around 50 USD.
  8. marek

    Erotic Massage Parlors

    Street vendors and hustlers in Jemaa el fna alleys try to sell you massage services. Price for 1 hour full service around is 500 -1000 dirhams (55-110 USD). Full service includes a massage and sex. There are also massage parlors sometimes attached to the hotels. You could also get a happy ending from those places.
  9. marek

    Cafe and Club Prostitutes

    You guys should remember that it is much cheaper to find girls from the Cafe´s at the daytime than night clubs in Morocco. Same prostitute will ask much more when it is night time but the service you get is same. So you can save a lots of money if you just fuck during the day time. If you see a local girl alone in a nightclub in Morocco, she is a whore, because girls are not allowed to be alone at night time in Morocco. At the daytime if you get an eye contact from a girl in the cafe or other similar place, she is a prostitute. Simple as that. At the night clubs, escorts usually try to make you pay 2-4000 dirhams (110-440 USD!), but you have to bargain with these sluts just like you bargain in the Marrakech markets! Always remember the golden rule, bargain bargain and bargain! If a hooker ask 4000 dirhams, you must give offer back such as 400 dirhams. Then you negotiate a little and maybe settle up a price such as 1500 dirhams. Some of the prostitutes act like they are regular girls and do not ask money until you have had sex with them. Then they may ask crazy amounts of money and you have to negotiate again. If you are rude and do not care about anything, you can just pay them whatever you want.
  10. marek

    Street Prostitution

    What are the best areas in Hanoi to find street prostitutes? How much street prostitutes cost in Hanoi?
  11. marek

    Swingers Clubs

    Swingland is Scandinavia's largest and most exclusive club, a giant playgorund for adults. The club is spread over two floors in total, offers over 700 sqm. Swingland is open everyday except sunday and monday. Address is Baldersbækvej 22,1.+2. sal, 2635 Ishøj. Are there any other good Swingers Club in Copenhagen or nearby areas?
  12. marek

    Street Prostitution

    Active street prostitution areas in Copenhagen use to be Skelbaeksgade and Halmtorvet. I am not sure if you can still find any hookers from those areas. If you like black prostitutes, then go to Istedgade in the part towards the Main Train Station. Some of the side streets along Istedgade have Asian massage parlors and Danish erotic massage parlors. Overall Copenhagen has never been best place to find streetwalkers. Most street prostitutes in Copenhagen I seen have been junkies though.
  13. marek

    Transexual and Shemale Escorts

    Has anyone fucked TsJulia23 or prudency shemale escorts from Riga? They are the only transexual escorts I found from Riga. Are there any other tranny escorts in Riga or other specific places in Riga where I could find t-girls.
  14. marek

    Transexuals and Ladyboys

    I would recommend you to go to the Voortrekker Road if you are looking for a shemales or transvestites. This is a long stretch of road that runs from Salt River in the south, near the city centre, all the way to Belville in the north – a distance of about 30 km. Along this road you can spot various hot spots for sex workers waiting for clients. Sometimes there are transvestite street/road prostitutes also selling sex. Actually I read that 3% of the street prostitutes in Cape Town are transvestites.