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Found 3 results

  1. RedLights

    Street Prostitution

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  2. Ibiza


    Interesting prostitution news from England. BANNED: Prostitution-free zone for Hull's Hessle Road is a UK first By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: December 04, 2014 http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/images/localworld/ugc-images/276270/Article/images/25113050/8707679-large.jpg The new zone off Hessle Road. Prostitutes and kerb-crawlers will be arrested and forced to appear in court. PROSTITUTION-FREE zone has been created in Hull. In a landmark ruling, prostitutes and kerb-crawlers found in the area around Hessle Road will be arrested and forced to appear in court. Hull City Council has been granted the injunction order under Section 222 of the Local Government Act 1972, banning prostitution in the area surrounding Hessle Road. It is the first time the orders have been used to tackle prostitutes anywhere in the country. Residents living in the area have complained about people having sex in broad daylight – including in their gardens. The injunction order was granted by Recorder Paul Miller at Hull County Court yesterday and is now in force. It means people caught loitering or soliciting for the purpose of prostitution, or those approaching prostitutes within the zone, will face court action. Those caught having sex, urinating, defecating or exposing themselves will also face action under the orders. Graham Paddock, the council's neighbourhood nuisance team leader, said the ruling was a great result for the community, which has been blighted by the problems for more than a decade. He said: "The way we have tried to tackle the problem of prostitution up to now has had limited success so hopefully this approach will stamp out the problem. "This has been such an ongoing problem and we have needed to think outside the box. I believe this is the first time these powers have been used to deal with prostitution." Notices publicising the order will begin being displayed in the area this week. Mr Paddock says he hopes the order will scare off punters from seeking out prostitutes. Mr Paddock said: "These orders will hopefully drive business away from the prostitutes in Hessle Road because kerb crawlers won't want to be subject to an injunction and court appearance. "It will be in place for two years and hopefully it will tackle the problem in that time. "While these acts are already illegal, the orders will enable the authorities to take offenders to court more quickly." People caught breaching the order will be given one warning before being taken to court. One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "I have lived on Hessle Road all my life and this has been a problem for years. "The last straw for me was when a neighbour said she was walking down the road at 4pm in broad daylight with her 11-year-old daughter and they witnessed two sex acts. "We felt the prostitutes were getting more support than we were. "It has been like having a brothel on your doorstep. "We will have to see how the order works but I am very pleased it has been granted." Trevor Peach, of Tyne Street, also welcomed the decision. He said: "I am very pleased these powers have been given the go-ahead. We have lived with this for a long time and hopefully it will get this problem off our backs. "The problem may never go away completely but this should help." Inspector Craig Mattinson, of the Riverside neighbourhood policing team, supports the orders. He said: "They could really assist us in policing the area. We deal with criminal offences and take enforcement action but that isn't always enough. "This gives us another tool and shows we won't tolerate this kind of behaviour." Ward Councillor Daren Hale said a lot of work has gone into securing the new powers. He said: "I believe this is a ground-breaking decision nationally. The needs of the residents have been at the heart of this decision." Fellow ward councillor Nadine Fudge said: "We will be leafleting residents about these new powers and I'm sure it will be welcomed."
  3. strip club

    General Reports

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