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Found 1 result

  1. Goodguy1

    General Reports

    A small country of eastern Europe —Latvia is leading sex tourism market while Ukraine stands at second position and Hungary at third position according to background interviews of consumers involved in sex tourism market. Latvia is one of Europe’s top sex tourism destinations as Latvia attracts millions of sex tourists from around the world every single year. Latvia sex tourism is particularly popular with British tourists who are looking for a place to find cheap sex, cheap alcohol, beautiful women and have a good time. In fact, with an increased number of budget airlines offering bargain flights into the capital of Riga, it has become a favorite destination for stag parties. The main attraction to Latvia sex tourism is that it is abundant and cheap. The sex industry is massive in Latvia so sex tourists have plenty of activities to choose from, whether it be strip clubs, massage parlors or prostitutes. The cost of sex-related products and services are incredibly cheap when compared to similar services from Western countries such as the USA and the UK. Finally, the sex culture has made a huge impact on the popularity of Latvia sex tourism. Prostitution is legal in Latvia, unlike in many other countries, and there is a very open attitude towards Latvia sex tourism. Latvia sex tourism is widespread across the country, however the majority of the industry is based in the capital city of Riga. While the historic city of Riga used to be a quiet and relaxed place, it has now been overtaken by Latvia sex tourism. There are hundreds of strip clubs, massage rooms, hostess bars and prostitutes lining the streets of Riga – making it every sex tourists paradise! All prostitutes working in Latvia must undergo monthly health checks as well as carry a health card with them at all times under law. Direct prostitution is legal while a third person to profit from the services of a prostitute (pimp or middleman) or running a brothel in Latvia is illegal so cost is very less as mostly there is no middleman involved in the business. Latvia sex tourism is very diverse and prostitutes cater for all tastes and sexual orientations! Homosexuality is legal in Latvia and there is an increasing demand for gay and lesbian Latvia sex tourism services. In recent years the number of female sex tourists has risen – creating a demand for male prostitutes in Latvia. The internet is the easiest place to find organized Latvia sex tours. You can research and book them online through the various websites before you arrive in Latvia. Source dnd.com.pk