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Found 1 result

  1. Goodguy1

    Erotic Massage Parlors

    I've been to many different Asian/Korean massage parlours all across the Canada and United States. Here are some important thing for beginner to know: Figuring out if it's a erotic massage parlour Here's a quick checklist to see if you're in a erotic massage parlour where you can get a happy ending, blow job or sex. Charges $40-45/half hour or $49-70/one hour Has sometimes flashy lights on the windows. Has curtains on the front windows. Usually fully covered windows Has a asian sounding name No Credit Card (VISA/AMEX) signs on the front window Most of the time open at least till about 9pm! You usually only need 3/5 of these to be sure it's a erotic massage parlour. Process You go inside, say I want a half hour or one hour massage. MamaSan or your therapist lead you to a massage room, you strip completely naked (if you keep your underwear on they might think you just want a regular massage!). Do not use the towel they provide to cover yourself. Basically you want them to find you on your stomach, naked. This signals to them that you know what's going on and you want erotic massage. Lady will then begin to massage you. First 15 minutes should be a legit good massage or some type of touching. Girl will then slowly start to massage your ass, and do little touches on your balls accidentally. This feels very amazing. Then they will ask you to turn around and at this point you turn around and show your possibly hard penis. Girl will massage your chest and front legs a bit, and then they will either point to your penis or touch it and ask "what else do you want", "do you want extra", "do you want happy ending", etc... Girls will often discuss the price for the extras at this point, or if not, they will expect a $20 tip at the end. Do not pay more than $20 extra for a hand job! Usually tips for blow-job are about $40-60 and for sex $50-100. You finish, they provide you a hot towel, and you leave happy! You can also read another good Massage Parlo Guide from WikiSexGuide: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Massage_Parlor_Etiquette