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The only place in Alkmaar where prostitution is permitted is Achterdam. 

Achterdam has been around since the 1973's t in Alkmaar. Rooms are clean and girls work behind windows, just like in Amsterdam


How to Get There : exit Alkmaar railway station by the main entrance and turn left; on reaching a canal turn left again.



The brothel owners are members of the SOR (Foundation Talk window prostitution). Also, the prostitutes own association which they represent the interests of the prostitute. When needed, prostitutes can get legal assistance. On Achterdam there is also security presence.


The Achterdam has over 120 brothel windows. This ideally located place has still available rooms for rent and cost is 125 euros per day (The brothels are only rented to women with a valid passport, visa or additional identity papers.). The Achterdam is a city with a catchment area of at least 350,000 inhabitants.

Alkmaar is located 50 kilometers north of Amsterdam.


You can read more about Netherlands Prostitution from: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Netherlands

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Guest ned whore
This was in the news back in 2011. I am not sure what is the current situation in Alkmaar.


Sex workers in the city of Alkmaar are furious about the decision to close two-thirds of the city’s prostitution windows.


The mayor of Alkmaar has been fighting for years against the city’s main sex entrepreneur who he accuses of money laundering. Now the highest court in the Netherlands has ruled in favour of the mayor and ordered the man to close all 92 of his prostitution windows.

There are currently 140 prostitution windows in Alkmaar, a city with fewer than 100,000 inhabitants.


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