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London, Soho and Shepherd Market

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London's Soho and Shepherd Market areas had 'Walkup' places for as long as I can remember. These are appartments where usually one lady works. To get round the prostitution laws their advertising is very limited. Usually there will be an open door with a sign inside saying 'Model', and maybe a brief description. Sometimes the sign is not visible from the street so you may need to go inside to check. The procedure, for those that don't know, is you go inside, probably up some stairs, and you will see the lady's name on a door. You knock and if she is not busy she will answer. If you want to go further then you agree price, service etc.


The developers have been busy in Soho and Shepherd Market demolishing the old buildings, that contained suitable appartments, and replacing them with new high-end dwellings and shops. The number of walk-ups is rapidly diminishing as a result. If you are nostalgic for the walk-up experience, or want to try it for the first time, I suggest you hurry up before they all vanish.


I am not a big fan of walkups and I think the information and choice in London on-line is much better, but I am sorry to see Soho and Shepherd Market being sanitised as it is at the moment.  

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too expensive in mayfair now for hookers to exist there ...never seen any for years ,,but soho has good walkups with euro gals at around 45 a session .been using them for years and never had any problems ,berwick street and little newport sreet ,,china town sometimes has chinese women offering a massage but never went with them .theres a walkup there staffed by pilipino and that  gals on alternate days but usually busy .. soho is the same as ever no changes there ,gals get changed over every 3 months so the selection changes .head for berwick street

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