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Guest foreveryoung

You can find some sexy street prostitutes in Public Sidewalk in oldest park in Curitiba. Location at Rua Presidente Carlos Cavalcante. Do not pay too much. Maximum you should pay is 40 brazilian real (22 unites states dollars). Do not pay more for them. Sometimes you can get pussy for 20 brazilian real (11 unites states dollars). You just need to bargain like a man!

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Guest Mamma

There is over 20 strip clubs listed on wikisexguide strip club listing: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Curitiba#Strip_Clubs


Has anyone been on these strip joints? Is the procedure same in Curitiba strip clubs as it is in United States. So you just hang out on your table and girls will dance and you will tip them and pay more for lap-dance or are these clubs just basic clubs filled with hookers and you can pay to take them with you and there is no dancing really?

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