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Guest Cape Town Escorts

Where can I find Brothels or Sex Clubs in Cape Town?

There are prostitutes in Cape Town who are either working in brothels or self-employed ‘indoors’. Girls like to work in brothels because it is much safer than in Cape Town streets, which can be very dangerous.
Overall there are around 100 brothels or escort agencies in Cape Town. Two-thirds of whore houses were based in residential homes or flats in the suburbs, while a third were club type agencies or massage parlours.
Some massage parlours, licensed to operate as such, are also places that just sell sex behind the scenes. These types of business are less circumspect in their storefront advertising, leaving some room to misconstrue the nature of their business. Alcohol is almost never on sale inside these places. There are massage tables rather than beds in rooms. Massage is usually a part of the service, except that the service ends with masturbation of the client by the sex worker, or other services the client and sex worker may agree to.
Brothel-based sex workers tend to have higher levels of education than street-based sex workers. Almoust every worker in the indoor sector had completed at least some high school classes, and around 10 percent had some tertiary education.

But answer to your question is: Get a Cab and ask from your Cab driver. Most of the time they know the current brothels and also they know which brothel has the best looking hookers and which brothel is cheapest.

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Guest Jones

Usually local taxi drivers no the bordellos in Cape Town. Just be a careful so you do not get scammed. 

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Hi, im new in cape town, looking for a brothel or whorehouse where i can find the sexiest girls to have sex with, if anyone knows of any please let me know


It is very hard to tell which bordello is the best in Cape Town. I would just ask from the taxi driver once I would be in the city. Escort agencies and bordellos who have websites tend to ask much higher prices than the brothels that are mainly used by locals and the quality of the girls is still the same. I do not know if Mavericks still exists, but it was a strip club located in Barrack St. My buddy use to go there and had lots of fun with sexy girls. Lap dance costed around 300 RS, and if you had enough money you could take a girl with you home and fuck her.

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Last years article about prostitution busts in Cape Town.


Cape Town metro cops clamp down on sex trade

SOUTH AFRICA, Tuesday 23 September 2014 - 2:43am by Leigh-Anne Jansen




CAPE TOWN - Cape Town metro police are trying to clamp down on the sex trade with at least 18 fines to sex workers and brothel owners over the past weekend by the City's Vice Squad.


The Vice Squad is now targeting what it believes to be illegal brothels masquerading as massage parlours.


JP Smith of the City of Cape Town said, “The Business Act is dysfunctional. It renders the entire South Africa a Red Light District, so we've been petitioning to national government, over a long time now.


"Recently we've started with the provincial government as well, to write additional legislation that helps us deal with this issue."


The city says regulating or clamping down on the sex trade, is difficult and one of the few ways of policing the trade is by enforcing some of the City's bylaws.


Sex worker lobby group, Sweat, believes this is but another reason why government should decriminalise sex work.


"We are specifically calling for the decriminalisation of sex work to advance the right of sex workers, particularly human rights because we do know that under criminalisation, there is a range of human rights violations that sex workers experience at high levels because of the nature of their work. So, the raid of massage parlours who are actually brothels is all linked to sex work being criminalised in South Africa", said Cherith Sanger of Sweat.


The Vice Squad has arrested 31 people and issued hundreds of fines to sex workers or brothel owners over the past year.


Together with the Hawks, the Vice Squad are expected to conduct similar stings throughout the year.


Source enca.com

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