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Kenilworth and Claremont suburbs were popular in the past among streetwalkers of Cape Town.


Price is the street is much cheaper than in the massage parlor, girls are usually willing to do more kinky stuff.

Bad thing is that it is quite dangerous to pick up street whores in Cape Town and some of these girls can be very dirty and their pussies have infections.


You can also find Cape Town escorts, streetwalkers, body rubs, strippers & strip bars, ts & male escorts from WikiSexGuidehttp://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Cape_Town

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Guest street sex in Cape Town
There are many streetwalkers and freelancer girls in Cape Town around Nelson Mandela square.


Other place where you can find street prostitutes would be Voortrekker Road. There you will see hookers in mini skirts and high-heels, but some whores are just wearing regular plain clothes.

Remember to watch out dirty girls and pimps!

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Mostly picking up street girls in Cape Town is not smart unless you are an experienced monger. These days you will have some street whores at the Long street. You can just pick up some cheap beer there, sit down and drink. Cost is like under 2US$ for a big beer!

Hookers hang out at the seedy pubs, and nearby corners. Mostly black street whores. I have never seen white street girls in Long St. as most of the poor whites and colored just ask money from you there and keep following you and sometimes follow you for 10 minutes and just ask money.


Well...About the street whores in Long St. Cost is around 17US$  to 34US$  (200 to 400 Rand) was the price these black chicks asked. I am sure you can bargain also. Never picked any girl, because I it is so easy to get sex from the black girls in South Africa just for free. They love white dick! Tinder, daytime street game are the best options. Also night game is good. Sex with the black free girls is amazing! I recommend! Just remeber to use condom! STD rate in South Africa is hardcore. 20% is the current HIV rate I think!

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