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In my experience GIRLS in Medellin are some of the best lovers in the world. You can meet them everywhere although they are not easy. As far as mongering and prostitution goes. There are many websites and escort services. Photoprepagos.com is a good one as is damascolombianas.com and bellaspaisas.com. As for escort agencies I would recommend escortsfantasias.com. Not all girls look like their pictures and some are not as forthcoming as others but in general, the quality is high. Colombian society is polite and honest in general, hard working and people show these qualities even in prostitution. One big problem is flakiness. Like girls worldwide, colombian girls are very flaky...it is very hard to get them to show up on dates, and that includes prostitutes. Girls cancel or flake at the last minute and also girls go to bed early, live with their families and get up early and go to school or work, so you need to catch girls earlyish, like 7 or 8 and if you miss that time slot, probably noone is available. Girls live with their mom, who calls them 7 or 8 times a day...they have kids and boyfriends. All these people can't know what they are doing. For most girls this is a side thing and all these categories of people can't know about their work or at least have to plausibly be able to ignore it. Often their mom may know about it...(if they are supporting their kid and or mom) but many are students and this is side money for them until they get through school and can get a real job.


There are street prostitutes around Parque Botero near the Parque Berrio metro stop near the church by the Botero museum and Govindas the vegetarian restaurant...all day and until late at night but in general this is a cheap ($10 US) but low grade experience. There are a bunch of transvestite prostitutes near parque bolivar in el centro, not so far from there, but again I wouldn't recommend it. Also there are a bunch of ($15 US) places just for daytime near here in the shopping malls etc. There are guys passing out handbills for this sort of thing. These places come and go and again have a pretty low quality experience, but better than the street. They are totally safe to go to.


At night there is a $30 experience... 80,000 pesos....at a couple of strip clubs one block over from Parque Bolivar...the girls are very beautiful but again the experience is very low quality. I'd go for the internet.


Same if you are into transexuals:

medellintransvesti.com has a great selection of she-males who are truly beautiful and available for 100,000 pesos. Which is like $35 US...but I would watch out...they are very aggressive and unstable, taking drugs etc. Seems to be the lifestyle.


In any case, if you like what you've read here and want to learn more I wrote a book which is available on Amazon.com called “Medellin Girls” the author is listed as Ned Feldman. Take a look, it's full of my insights on Medellin after living there for 6 months and banging girls, both pro and non pro.

I think the info will be well worth the $4 I'm asking for it if you end up going to Medellin. It has full data sheets, everything you need to know to meet girls there with confidence...as well as plan your trip.

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