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Guest Italian Escorts
Article is translated from Italian to English, so all of the spelling may not be correct.


The map of the fireflies: on the boulevards are 62


According to the data on the phenomenon of the Force, 95% of them come from Romania 


Bologna, December 8, 2011 - THE HAVE counted, one by one. They are exactly 62 the girls who prostitute themselves regularly on the ring road of the city. The figure emerges from the statistics of the checks carried out by police antiprostituzione from September to November. The services performed by ' Weapon in the period considered were 9, with the use of 253 military .

Girls controlled and identified over a period of time examined were 248 , but in many cases the names are repeated. The tests have also affected the area of via degli Ortolani , where it is believed that currently work 11 fireflies . The data also shows the sketch of the women engaged in the oldest profession in the world on the sidewalk. Their average age is 26 years of age : the youngest of the girls is 18 years old, the 'old' 45 . For the vast majority, or 95%, prostitutes come from Romania . The remaining 5% to be equally divided between Russia, Moldova and South America .


During services, the police have reported 23 of them for making false claims about personal identity, 6 for acts contrary to public decency as wearing clothes too skimpy . One person was reported to the Public Prosecutor for aiding and abetting prostitution . The more crowded the sidewalks , as can be seen from the graph that we publish on this page, are those of Carducci avenue and boulevard Silvani : in both sections of the road carrying 8 girls; 7 are in Viale Aldini, 5 in Gozzadini avenue, avenue and boulevard Pepoli Pietramellara, 4 Viale Berti Pichat.

The other found space in the remaining sections or at the city gates. The proceeds of the girls are variable but in the order of a few hundred Euros. According to the findings in the latest survey conducted by the investigative core of a gang of Albanians who used two Uruguayan Nearby Giardini Margherita, from each of them demanded a ' proceeds' of at least 400 euro . The price of services ranging from 30 to 50 euro for a relationship consumed in the car. The prostitutes who have an apartment in which to receive clients offer this option for a fee of 100 euro .

I VIALI, as noted, are not the only site of the city in which they practice street prostitution. It also sells sex on the Via Emilia to Pioppa, where there are large volumes of traffic and Tir , and Viale Togliatti. The market for trans instead flourishes especially in the Fiera area, where about a dozen people, all Italian. The price list is considerably higher: a meeting in car costs 50-70 euro but go up to 150 euro for the provision in the apartment . Customers sometimes ask even the thrill of cocaine and find satisfaction in the area and for this second requirement. The prices charged by trans and the proceeds of a night's work can fluctuate a lot, because there are people willing to pay a lot to go off with a certain person. But the whole thing, of course, escapes the meshes of the tax authorities, including those particularly close Monti's government.


Source ilrestodelcarlino.it Henry Barbetti 

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