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Has anyone been mongering in Timisoara? Any good nude bars, erotic massage places or street whores?


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My friend fucked a gypsy prostitute in the field next to the intersection of Parc Industrial and Str. Petre Stoica. There is a round a bout and a truck park. Gypsy prostitutes stand next to the round a bout on a flashy outfits and you can see their tits almost coming out. He paid 50 lei (11€) for the girls and fucked her like 15 minutes. There was shit, condoms and garbage on the ground, but he was very happy guy afterwards.


There is also a erotic massage place called Salon D'Ayr at Jean Monnet Nr.2. Me and my friends went there. This is a regular looking house next to a gas station with a sign Salon. They are open until 5am. Erotic massage which includes a hand job and a body 2 body massage where girl rubs her tits and body on you costs 150 lei. They only have few massage girls and we had to wait like 45 minutes until they were ready to receive us. Massage was ok, body 2 bofy massage was also ok, but not great, handjob felt good but there was no great erotic feeling. We were allowed to shower before and after the massage. House was very clean though, free wifi on the waiting room, the receptionist was super friendly and there was free parking on the front of the premise. They do give you a business card after the visit with a stamp and after 3 visits you get -25% off from the massage.

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