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There must be mongers, but after reading this article I think most hookers are afraid to work!


Vigilantes In Peru Whip Prostitutes At Nightclub To Combat Sex Trade


Whips may be a common toy for kinkier brothel visitors, but a group of prostitutes in northern Peru probably weren’t expecting to have their behinds smacked when a group of vigilantes overran a nightclub to protest the region’s sex industry. A video of the raid, which occurred at a nightclub called Alondra ('Skylark') in the Andean city of Cajamarca, shows masked men chasing dozens of women garbed in bras and short skirts, whipping them and shoving them around. The vigilantes were part of the Decentralized Committee of Urban Rounds of Cajamarca and they sent a video to local media outlets. The purported prostitutes were forced to stand lined up against a wall – many half-dressed, crying and wearing no shoes – while their ethical attackers berate them and lash them with whips. Along with the women, a group of men who worked as bouncers and bartenders at the club were shown confronting the vigilantes before being overwhelmed and forced to ground for a round of penance push-ups. Local media reports stated that the vigilantes stormed the club after receiving a tip that a number of thieves were hiding out there. While no crooks were allegedly found, the group's spokesman, Fernando Chuquilín, justified their actions as an effort to eliminate prostitution and crime. Prostitution is legal for women over 18 years of age if they register with municipal authorities and carry a health certificate. Brothels must be licensed. While it is nominally overseen by the government, most Peruvian sex workers are unregistered and work in the informal sector where they face health problems and abuse. Another video surfaced later that shows the vigilantes hitting up another club in Cajamarca, where besides whipping workers they set on fire chairs, sound equipment and lights in the street. As the flames quickly get out of hand, the vigilantes are seen frantically whipping the flames to prevent them from reaching power lines.

Source: foxnews.com (jan 09 2014)

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Guest Peru Sex Article
Peruvian sex workers urged the government on Friday to regulate their profession, saying it would protect them from violence and help stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Although prostitution is legal in Peru and in much of Latin America, sex workers said prostitutes should be allowed to work under license in ‘tolerance zones.’ To get and keep a license they would have to register with the government, submit to regular health checks and pay taxes.


‘People have to understand that it’s not simply about a whore standing on a street corner, it’s a woman, a lady who’s working,’ said Angela Villon, president of the Civil Association of Sex Workers, at a news conference….


According to the health ministry, there are around 60,000 sex workers in Peru, 14,000 of them in the capital Lima, although Villon said she believed the true figures were higher.


Prostitution and Brothel Ownership is Legal in Peru.

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