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Hungary has long been a popular sex tourism destination for people from around the world, and it has many attractions.


Firstly, Hungary sex tourism is attractive to foreigners due to the infamous array of beautiful men and women that live and work there. Many of the sex workers arrive from Russia and Eastern European countries.

With prostitution being legal in Hungary is it also very appealing to those that arrive from countries where prostitution is illegal – such as the USA. The Hungarian culture is very open to the sex industry and a lot more open minded than other countries.


The cost of Hungarian sex tourism is also a lot cheaper than hiring prostitutes and other sex workers overseas. Many of the sex workers in Hungary come from poor backgrounds so will generally accept lower amounts of money for their services than other countries.


Prostitution has been a big business in Hungary for hundreds of years, but it was largely underground until 1999 when it was legalized and is now regulated. This has led to a major increase in Hungary sex tourism.

Budapest is not only the capital of Hungary but is also largely regarded as the sex capital of the world. There are few other places where you will find such a diverse array of sex shops, strip clubs, cabarets, pornography, prostitutes and more in one city.


While most of Hungary sex tourism is based around Budapest, you will also find significant activities and attractions for sex tourists among the other towns and cities in Hungary. Since the legalization of prostitution the amount of brothels and prostitutes has increased immensely. Whereas prior to 1999 there were only 3 brothels in the whole of Hungary, there are now 250 in Budapest alone.

There are also over 13,000 prostitutes working in just Budapest – so there is no shortage for Hungary sex tourists!

Many Hungary sex tourists are starting to use the services of organized sex tour companies. Usually via the internet you can get into contact with businesses that specifically arrange and book Hungary sex tourism tours to ensure you make the most out of your vacation.


The legal age of consent in Hungary is 14 years of age – for all sexual orientations and genders. If you are found to have sex with a person under the age of 14 when taking part in Hungary sex tourism you will face up to 5 years imprisonment as well as potential sanctions by your home country as well. Source dnd.com.pk

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Guest where to find sex?
Prostitution is big business in Hungary.


According to official statistics, Hungarian men spent a total of Ft 125 billion on prostitution last year. That’s Ft 32,000 ($130) for every one of the country’s 3.9 million gentlemen and an average of just over 3 million ($12,000) for each of the 40,000 sexual service providers meeting their needs, many of them from the Roma minority and/or from outside Hungary.


It is also a legal business, if one even more tightly regulated than the rest of Hungary’s notoriously red-tape-bound economy. Trading sex for money is limited to certain areas, and those doing the trading have to carry a health certificate, which can cost as much as Ft 66,000 ($270). An official income tax category has even been assigned to the professions, though the authorities have (unsurprisingly) had little luck coaxing industry professionals onto the tax rolls. Advertising prostitution, however, is illegal, although you will see plenty of ads for “escorts” in a wide variety of “reputable” publications, including theBudapest Sun. Under Hungarian law it is also illegal to publish a list of prostitutes, as this is considered pimping.


Because of these and other legal limits on relevant information, it’s often hard to know where to look, what to pay and what to expect when purchasing sex “services” in Hungary. (And hard for us to be too specific about it.) According to a recent story in daily newspaper, half an hour’s action will set you back between Ft 10,000 and Ft 15,000 – figures that conform to our data – but you get a better deal for a full hour. However, this is just the average figure charged to Hungarians, and you should probably expect to pay a lot more if you are first-timer. Meanwhile, according to the same report, a small number of “luxury prostitutes” can stash up to $1,000 in their bras for a single visit.

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Guest get sex in Hungary


The scene out of Budapest is broadly similar, though with a few notable differences. Some major tourist areas, such as Lake Balaton, have thriving sexual services industries, with strip clubs in larger cities like Keszthely and Sifok, and prices near or even above what they are in the capital. And while the streetwalkers have largely disappeared from Budapest’s streets, hookers can commonly be seen selling their wares on the shoulders of the country’s rural roads. Mostly drawn from Hungary’s Roma minority, they are rarely soft on the eyes, and generally serve the needs of desperate truckers, who usually have to spend no more than Ft 5,000 for a full road-side tune-up.


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Is there any good erotic massage parlours in Hungary?


Are the girls local or foreign who work in massage parlours? Is there any massage places with Asian girls.


Is the procedure same in Hungary as in USA? I mean you first pay massage and then later on girls will touch your privates and ask discreetly if you want happy ending or some extras? Is it mostly just hand-job offered? Or is blow-job or sex also possible?

How much does one hour massage usually costs and what do you need to pay for HJ, BJ or FS?


Give me some details or locations please.

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