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Sauna Clubs and Erotic Massage Parlors

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Erotic massage places are mostly also called saunas and they actually have real saunas in some places.


Darling One - Behind Jai Alai Casino

Golden Dragon Hotel’s “Eighteen Sauna” - Rua de Malaca

Sauna Big Boss - Avenida de Praia Grande


Source: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Macau

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Guest Macau happy ending massage
If you stay at the Golden Dragon Hotel, then 18 sauna is the place to go and you should definitely give it a try.


Usually there are at least 20 guys at the same time in evening. There are lockers where you can put valuables before showering. Once a while alarm goes on and girls will do a parade in the area. There are so many girls that you can not imagine. I was a little bit drunk but I guess there was around 50 different girls mostly from Asian countries and Russia.

All you need to do is inform the number on their chest to the manager. Some of the girls know little English.

Girls will do a cheap foot massage is a common room or you can enter right away to the massage room

Rooms are small with a shower, massage table and a bed.

You can get a regular erotic massage or have sex with the girls. It all depends what you want and how much money you got


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Guest sex sauna Macau
Erotic Massage Parlor article from wowasis.com.



Men used to paying the going rate for spa services in most Southeast Asian countries will find themselves paying more in Macau. Nevertheless, one of Asia’s finest men’s spas is here, and you’re encouraged to hang out there for up to 24 hours, making it actually one of Asia’s best spa deals for men.  We’ll start off with the best, then list a few others you’re liable to encounter. 


Golden Sauna

Rua Cantao #121, 2nd floor (inside of the alley across from the Hotel Fortuna)

Ph: +853-2878-2123

GPS Coordinates: N22 degrees, 11.440′, E113 degrees, 32.780′


This may be the best men’s spa in Asia, with exceptionally good-looking masseuses, sauna, hot tub, good food, and a relaxing atmosphere.  Prices range from “AV Girls” at $1139 HKD, to Thai massage only at $399 HKD.  Customers begin by taking a sauna and hot tub bath, then choosing a masseuse for one hour service.  Afterward, customers are urged to lounge around in one of Golden’s comfortable lounge chairs, and eat, drink, talk with friends, and even get a foot massage.  Customers may stay as long as they want, as the spa is open 24 hours.  English-speaking customers may ask for genial host Alex.


Darling One

Behind Jai Alai Casino

Ph: +853-2872-6666

GPS Coordinates: N22 degrees, 11.843′,  E113 degrees, 33.321′

Although hidden off the large street of Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, it’s actually easy to find, just in back of the more visible Casa Real Hotel.  Darling One offers full body massage at $1480 KD for 90 minutes, and visitors may choose among Chinese, Thai, or Vietnamese masseuses.  English speakers may ask for Tommy.


Golden Dragon Hotel’s “Eighteen Sauna”

Rua de Malaca

GPS Coordinates: N22 degrees, 11.764′,  E113 degrees, 33.227′

This well-situated hotel has a 6th floor sauna, featuring masseuses from $1600-1800 HKD for one hour.  The “Crazy Happy” show also occurs on the 10th floor, and features cheoreographed “European-style” erotic dancers.


Sauna Big Boss

Avenida de Praia Grande, No. 613-639

Ph: +853 2855-8877

GPS Coordinates: N22 degrees, 11.540′,  E113 degrees, 32.459′

Located near the corner of Avenida do Infante D. Henrique, Sauna Big Boss features one-hour masseuses ranging from $1538-$988 HKD.  Big Boss is located near the historical part of the city unlike the others listed above, located in the Casino zone.


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