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Prostitution is legal and regulated in Bolivia. The average age of entry into the business is young, and most prostitutes come from lower social classes and/or broken homes.  

Additionally, young women move from rural to urban areas for commercial sexual work to Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Spain and the United States.


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Guest bolivia girls
Article back from 2010 about prostitution in Bolivia:


As of Wednesday morning, Bolivia’s ‘night workers’ are on strike. Up to 35,000 prostitutes across the country have refused to report for the medical checkups required every 20 days to legally work the streets…


It comes in response to attacks in the city of El Alto last week in which citizens burned brothels and beat sex workers in protest against legal prostitution… The rampage began after citizens demanded that brothels and bars be located at least 3,200 feet away from schools. Within 48 hours, angry mobs had taken matters into their own hands, burning more than 30 establishments…


The municipal government responded by closing all brothels within 1,600 feet of schools, but took no action against those who had attacked the prostitutes… The latest violence against Bolivia’s sex workers is not surprising. Although the Supreme Court in 2001 legalized prostitution, which is widely practiced nationwide, the oldest profession has not gained the relative social acceptance it enjoys in some European countries. Instead, women and men in the sex industry have become scapegoats for everything from broken homes to the rising HIV-infection rate.


In Bolivia, Prostitution is Legal, but Brothel Ownership and Pimping is illegal.

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