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Guest sexy girls in Afganistan
Article back from 2010:


Afghanistan’s sex industry is booming, according to both private and official sources. Statistics are scattered, and few solid figures exist.

But since the fall of the Taliban regime in late 2001, prostitution has become, if not more widespread, at least more open…


The Taliban strictly controlled sexual activity, meting out harsh punishments for extra-marital relations and adultery.

Married women who had sex outside marriage were stoned to death. Others were publicly flogged.


Sex outside marriage remains illegal in post-Taliban Afghanistan, and the prisons are full of women

who have been convicted of ‘fornication,’ a charge that carries a penalty of from five to 15 years in jail


In Afganistan Prostitution is Illegal, Brothel Ownership is Illegal and Pimping is Illegal

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What do you mean "foreigner4arabs" when you say "Also gay life is getting just a little more active there!" ?


Is there an actual male escorts in the streets or transexual prostitutes? Please tell us more!

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