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Guest India escorts
Bangalore: Online prostitution ring busted


Wednesday, 12 February 2014 Source dnaindia.com


Three persons, including the pimp and two Iranian women, arrested

 The central crime bureau on Tuesday busted a prostitution racket being run through websites and arrested three persons, including the pimp and two Iranian women.


Investigators say more foreign nationals were involved in the racket run by Bidhubushan Mohapatra alias Rakesh alias John, a native of Odisha.


After receiving information about the prostitution ring, the police used a decoy to contact the phone number mentioned on the website www.neesaroy.com. When the agent promised the decoy to provide two foreign sex-workers for a hefty amount, a trap was laid. The agent was asked to come with the girls to a place. When he came there with the two girls, the three were arrested. A car and mobile phones were recovered from trio.


“Preliminary investigation revealed that Mohapatra got inspired from Bangalore Escorts website. He also approached Gavin Mendes, a foreign national who runs prostitution ring online in other countries, and paid him ` 20,000 to launch two pornographic websites. He then posted photos and details of women on the two websites, neesaroy.com and kavitasingh.com” the police said.


“Later, Mohapatra directly started soliciting customers. He posted his phone number and two email ids, neesaroy[[@]]gmail.com and mail[[@]]kavitasingh.com, on the websites for the customers to contact him. An Iranian girl (name withheld) who came to India in 2007 was studying BDS in a city college contacted Mohapatra and offered to work for him. He was also in touch with many other prostitutes,” the police said.

“After finding that she could make ` 10,000-20,000 in a single day, the Iranian girl agreed to lure other poor Iranian girls into the flesh trade,” the police said.


“If any customer called him up, Mohapatra would exchange email or Whatsapp IDs. Then he would send photographs of the girls either through Whatsapp or email,” the police added.


“Both the email accounts are being checked to identify his customers,” the police said.

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Guest Marcos

How is Majestic area in Bangalore? I did hear it is not red light district, but it is kind of a prostitution area. Let me know if I should check it out and if it is safe for black french guy to visit.

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Guest India redlights

Majestic is strict no no.. try sticking to online search.. safer

Why is that man? What is so dangerous about the Majestic redlight district?

If I go there and have only enough money to fuck girls. Let´s say I only carry $10, then it does not matter if I get robbed.

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