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Prostitution Secretly Going On in Pyongyang


In large cities of North Korea such as Pyongyang, Wonsan and Hamheung, motels, massage studios and skincare salons have been established and prostitution has been going on secretly. 


There has been an increase of places in Hamheung motels that also function as saunas or bauty salons. 


A Chinese style massage at a massage parlor costs 10,000 won (around US$3.5) per 60 minutes and there is instantaneous prostitution with lady masseuse.” 


It is told that you can fuck these hookers on for about 20,000 – 30,000 won (around US$7-12). 


With North Korean bathhouses, a service culture to put girls at the forefront has taken place. 


The owners here use jargons such as “selling a bed” or “selling flowers” to feel out a customer’s intention for prostitution. 


There are cases where girls find private homes to prostitute themselves. 


It is easy to make money through prostitution, so there has been an increase of female prostitutes. 


Previously, if prostitution was exposed, you would be sentenced to forced labor camps. Even now, the authorities ban prostitution. However, the reality is that related entities have secretly been increasing. 


On the other hand, there have been several high-end restaurants that opened in Wonsan and Hamheung.


These places have implemented the Chinese service system, so the interior facilities are luxurious and lady employees greet customers with a “Welcome” at the door.


Previously, only overseas Chinese emigrants or Chinese businessmen invested in such restaurants but recently, there are many cases where North Korean residents open large restaurants as well. 

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