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If you can not find the Geneva prostitute, strip bar or erotic massage information you are looking for, you can also check out the Geneva Escort & Red Light District Prostitution Guide from: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Geneva

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Paquis is a small Red light district near the central station of Geneva (Cornavin). When you go out from Cornavin station you have to take left direction towards the lake (between the warwick hotel and the brasseurs) in the Rue des alpes street.


The third street on your left will be Rue de bern, U-turn in rue de bern and after 100 meter you will see the first hookers. It is about 5 minutes by feet, from Cornavin starion.


In this area you can find streetwalkers. Price is usually 100-150 CHF for 20-30 minutes. You have to negotiate with girls directly in the street, and go with them in their apartments normally just couple minute away. You will find more street girls on Rue de Bern, Rue de Monthoux, Rue Charles Cusis and Rue R. Sismondi ! Street whores are most south american, asian or black. When you are lucky you can find some sexy ones. Best time is from 4pm to 2am. In the same area you will find some sex cabaret. Price are expensive in cabares maybe 500 CHF for 1 hour, but quality is much better.

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Guest Martigny

Here is some information for sex tourists travelling to Geneva.


Red Light District in Geneva
Geneva is the city where famous Paolo Coelho's novel 11 Minutes, about young Brazilian girl becoming a prostitute, is taking place. So if You are easily ofended, be aware there is other side of Geneva, too. Geneva's Red Light District is not as world famous as the one in Amsterdam and it is not officialy defined and clarified, but it is still a place You wouldn't find for miles around.
Red Light District
Geneva's Red Light District is situated in Pâquis, not far from Gare Cornavin, Gare Routiere and lakeside. The main street to start Your journey is on Rue de Berne, which becomes very busy and lively at the evenings, full of excetic restaurants and cafés with people chilling out-of-door, smooking shisha and living with the street. Walking down the Rue de Monthoux it is impossible to miss ladies in tights on high heels, watched from distance by their bodyguards. Two small streets on the left side, Rue Pellegrino-Rossi and Rue Charles-Cusin, together with the streets crossing them - Rue Sismondi and Rue Docteur-Alfred-Vincent, are the center of Geneva's RLD. Here You will see women in red and purple neons windows showing themselves off and awayting company, even during the day, as well as hookers standing on the corners at the night time. Many sex shops and some night clubs make up the unique atmosphere of the Geneva's Quartier Rouge.
The women in Red Light District are mostly from Spain, Italy, Greece and England, with fairly high representation of Latinos. The women on the streets look hot and sexy, but are generally not considered to be the prettiest, when compared to other red light districts. You will have to have a look Yourself. Bids reporedly start at about CHF 100, but it is possible to negotiate and get even half the price.
The area is full of pornographic shops, sex shops, cabarets and night clubs, where party goes to the fullest till 5am. This area, as the whole Paquis, is also offering range of multicultural ethnic restaurants, such as Indian, Thai, Mexican, Maroccan or Turkish. Fast foods such as falafel, tacos, hamburgers and sandwiches ar at every corner.
The Pâquis are has became home for many immigrants without a regular job and area around Red Light District, together with prostitution, became a center for local gangs and drug dealers, wich goes hand in hand with a prostitution. Police is constantly present and watching over the order, but does rarely interfere. There is a tacit agreement among the habitants, saying they will not cause any trouble to noone, especially not tourists, as they don't want to discourage people from coming to this area and lose income. Some tourists, might feel not completely safe walking here alone at night and we recommened women to always walk here accompanied. Another will find this place a great point for clubbing, eating in mexican or thai restaurant and to experience a unbound side of Geneva.
If You are looking for more classy and professional company, visit the Moulin Rouge cabaret on Plainpalais or hire an Escort.
Please note, that prostitution in Geneva is legal. All women should have papers for doing their job.

Source: geneva.info

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Guest Geneve sex
Registered prostitutes in Geneva alone have increased by more than 400% since 2004, and the growing industry has caused controversy among locals recently. Even the regulated industry isn’t happy. While customers pay around 200 CHF in legal prostitution centers, a street hooker charges only 30 CHF, a trend which is beginning to hurt established massage businesses throughout Geneva.

In Geneva there are 600 registered prostitutes working in the street or in parlours or as ‘independents.’ ‘Registered’ means they file tax returns and the tax office reports that the majority declare between CHF 30,000 and CHF 60,000 of revenue. Taking as average CHF 45,000, one arrives at the estimate that prostitutes bring in about CHF 4 million in tax revenue out of the CHF 3.2 billion annually. (Registered prostitutes who do not file a declaration are automatically taxed as if they had earned CHF 45,000.)

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