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Found 2 results

  1. Ibiza


    What are the average prostitution prices in Dortmund? How much does basic prostitute cost in US dollars? What about Dortmund prostitutes who work in a massage parlors compared to the street level hookers and high end escort whores? How safe it is to have sex with prostitutes in Dortmund and does LE leave you alone and is street prostitution legal in Germany? Are there pretty or good looking escorts in Dortmund? Where can I find prostitutes or massage parlours in Dortmund? Where are the prostitution hot spots or red light districts in Dortmund City? Is there a special red light district for gay and ladyboy prostitutes? How about the gay scene in Dortmund? Is there any gay sex tourism in Dortmund?
  2. strip club

    Street Prostitute Reports

    Street prostitution in Dortmund Minden Road at the Dortmund tippelzone on an industrial site in inner-north. After a former streetwalker area was located near Nordstraße district in Innenstadt-Nord, the zone moved in 2001 to the Raven Berger Strasse, an industrial in the same district. Soon after, expanded the zone with the adjoining streets Bornstraße, Mind and Julius Straße Straße. Since 2001, a consulting and communications center "for the prostitutes in the area, called KOBER, which focuses on 'help and advice for women working in prostitution, worked, or it no longer want to work ". This center is organized and managed by Sozialdienst Katholischer Frauen (SKF): a large national charitable organization that since 1899 aimed at assisting women in emergency situations, given by women. The five part-time women who are manning KOBER however, paid 57% by the municipal and 43% by the Federal Land. Since May 2009 there is also a Bulgarian interpreter support. Since the five staff members of a KOBER advice and a café in the red light district to keep it going Nordstraße KOBER is actually only a few hours a day, and on weekends at all. After KOBER succession had been housed in a Volkswagen van, a construction container, and a caravan of 60 sqm, it was around March 1, 2010 a brand new barracks of 100 m² for use. It features a lounge with kitchen and dining tables and bar, a doctor's office, toilets and a shower. Afwerkboxen At busy times work about 150 prostitutes in the area, annual work around 600 different women in the area. Daily visits to the area some 1,000 customers.