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Found 2 results

  1. Ibiza


    What are the average prostitution prices in Dortmund? How much does basic prostitute cost in US dollars? What about Dortmund prostitutes who work in a massage parlors compared to the street level hookers and high end escort whores? How safe it is to have sex with prostitutes in Dortmund and does LE leave you alone and is street prostitution legal in Germany? Are there pretty or good looking escorts in Dortmund? Where can I find prostitutes or massage parlours in Dortmund? Where are the prostitution hot spots or red light districts in Dortmund City? Is there a special red light district for gay and ladyboy prostitutes? How about the gay scene in Dortmund? Is there any gay sex tourism in Dortmund?
  2. blueoxygen

    Sex Vacation at Blue Paradise DR

    WELCOME TO BLUE PARADISE DR! WHERE FANTASY MEETS REALITY! Blue Paradise is the top choice for exotic resorts in the Caribbean. We offer a variety of girlfriend experiences. From Latin American and Dominican Girls for your fantasy sex vacation. Enjoy a beach front adult sex vacation like no other at the DR’s Ultimate Sex Resort! Our Exotic Adult Sex Vacations are created with your fantasies in mind. Our sex resort is a place where you will physically transport to a piece of paradise where you may and will do as you’d like. This includes: party, relax, unwind and be pampered by beautiful girls at all times. Our companions are warm, friendly and very beautiful girls whose ultimate goal is to cater to your specific wants and desires. Our sex resort has been specifically designed to fulfill your most intimate fantasy with multiple, gorgeous girls with whom you are also able to mingle at all times. We have created a very easy-going, social atmosphere where you feel as though you’re at a party with sexy girls, where at any point you are sure to get very lucky. Imagine an adult sex vacation arriving at a private, fully catered, beach front, exclusive sex resort where every guest has 3 to 4 girls to choose from. Our aim is to have our guests leave this adult sex vacation all the while mentally planning their next visit. We build long term relationships with our clients simply because at Blue Paradise DR “Too Much Is Never Enough”. TWO WAYS TO VISIT Blue Paradise DR is an exclusive social club that caters to our members, while welcoming new guests. There are two ways to enjoy our little slice of heaven. As a Guest: Guests can enjoy our exclusive resort in complete privacy. Stay at our beach front resort and mingle with all our sexy girls. Lounge by the pool with your favorite lady or party the night away at our non-stop bar. Cuddle up real close in the jacuzzi before retiring back to your private bungalow for the night with as many companions as you like. Our guests are treated with top class and always leave with a smile. As a Member: Members of the Blue Paradise DR Social Club enjoy all the amenities as guests do but also so much more. Members of BP not only save upto 40% off each visit, they can also invite your friends to come along at special rates. The fun doesn’t stop there, members gain exclusive access to our girls even when they aren’t here. Keep upto date with your favorite girl on webcam, sexy chats and live video shows. Non-Members $995 from / per Night Overnight Companion Regular Room Welcome Party Airport Service Members $695 from / per Night Overnight Companion Free Bungalow Upgrade Free Member Nights Discounted Coupons 24hr Premium Bar All Clients Enjoy: Included with your stay 24hr Security Wifi Everywhere Meals and Drinks Included Private Beach WE ARE THE ONLY EROTIC BEACH FRONT RESORT IN PUERTO PLATA. OUR RESORT WAS CREATED SOLELY FOR THIS PURPOSE, FOR WHICH ONLY THE HOTTEST GIRLS ARE SELECTED. WE GUARANTEE ALL GUESTS A MEMORABLE, AND INCOMPARABLE VACATION. Reach us anytime: Visit our website: www.blueparadisedr.com Email: [email protected] Tel: 1-849-350-3199 Chat: [email protected]