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Found 2 results

  1. RedLights

    Brothels and FKK Clubs

    To post a reply to a topic, select the Reply to this topic button on top or adding your post in Reply to this topic section at the bottom. You can also find Hamburg escorts, streetwalkers, body rubs, strippers & strip bars, ts & male escorts from WikiSexGuide: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Hamburg
  2. Goodguy1

    Reeperbahn Red-light district

    Reeperbahn Brothels There are quite many Brothels on the Reeperbahn. There is everything from mangy "staircase brothels" to decorated places. You can easily go to a brothel and sit and have a drink for a relatively cheap price without encountering any gangster owner. You may assume that the hookers will be on you like flies. This does however that these places are not as suitable as bar pubs. The so-called staircase brothels mentioned earlier is basically a stairwell of flats without front entrance doors. On the various floors are a number of girls which offers you to go inside "her place." Herbertstrasse Reeperbahn Herbertstraße (Herbert Strasse) is a street shielded from other streets with big planks. These fences are designed to protect younger crowd from view but there are openings at each end of the street where you can go through. This street is prohibited for women and younger people because there are prostitutes in shop windows which offers their services. The reason that it is forbidden for girls to go inside the perimeter is probably to keep street hookers away.