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Anyone got some information about these strip clubs located in Budapest? How much for lap dance or take out girl?
4 Play • Jozef Krt 60 • 36 30 349 9103
Anita Night • 5350 Tiszafured Huszoles ut. 173 • 36 59 511-361
Club Kiraly • Kiraly utca.70 • 06-1-352 1359
Dolce Vita • Október 6 u 5 • 00-36-1-266 4049
Hallo Bar • Kiraly Utka 65 • +36 1 322 4621
Marilyn Table Dance Bar • Baross utca 4 • +36-1/266-56-14
P1 • Podmaniczky Frigyes 2/b • +36 20 333-8679
Royal Palace • h-1122 Budapest, Gyõri u.16 • +361/3568670
Vogue Lokal • Teréz körút 41 • 269-5009


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Guest xxx hungary
It is possible to pick up a girl from every strip club in Budapest! In Budapest, an hour of the girl’s time is worth at least Ft 25,000 ($100), plus Ft 5,000 for the hotel room and another Ft 5,000 for the taxi which will stay parked outside during your rendezvous.


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Guest Club Scams in Budapest

Carpe Diem Club (former Flash Dance Club) was not mentioned earlier. It is located at Budapest V district, Váci utca 32. (Tel.: +36 1 267 0228)

Carpe Diem is a strip club on a pedestrian street in Budapest. Please do not make a mistake and go in there!

As soon as you sit down, girls will come over to your table, and when you got the bill a later, you will have a shock!

The lady drinks are super expensive and servers will bring them to the table even without asking from you!

We are now talking about bills that are hundreds of thousands of forints (hundreds of euros!)


So stay away from Carpe Diem Club! It is just a tourist trap! I can not believe how these type of clubs are still allowed to run busines in EU. Budapest has same kind of shit hole clubs as there is in Riga, Latvia and Bulgarian tourist resorts.

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I am sorry to hear you got scammed in Budapest. There are how ever some honest clubs in Budapest.

Club P2 is expensive but it is a club where you should not get scammed.
P2 employs some very beautiful girls. Amount of the girls varies between 20 - 35 each day.
Warm meal is served between 6 p.m. and midnight and food is OK.
There is a OPEN BAR also at Club P2 and Unlimited Drinks will usually cost 50€, but sometimes they have a special like "unlimited drinks for 25€".
Their menu is also listed on website, so I would guess they really want to try to be the best strip club in Budapest by not trying to scam people.
Location is Budapest V. Sas utca 9.

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