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Anyone got some information about these strip clubs located in Sofia?


Which ones are actual strip bars and which ones are "take out escort" clubs


Cleopatra • 31 Cherny Vrah blvd • 35929630655

Club Dolls • Kempinski Hotel Zografski • (+35902) 963 39 64

Erotic Bar Velvet • #12-14, Slaveikov Sq. • +359 (0)2 / 88853133

Erotic Club Angels • #5, 5, Sveta Nedalya Square • +359 (0)2 / 9434004.

Striptease Bar Kamasutra • Dondukov 19 • +359 / (0)887 303802

The Red (Chervenoto) • #116, Hristo Botev Blvd.

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I thought you can take girls with you in every strip bar in Bulgaria. Or back in the days it was totally normal. In 2002 girl to go in strip club did cost maybe 100 in USD. This price was for couple of hours. Maybe these days it is double?

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never saw one place listed, just club fetish in vitosha bldvd ,old school clip joint setup ,gals want you to buy bottles of champagne before talking about prices for sex .chesty women stripping on stage but surly and bothersome for 20levs to do a lap dance ,large apes on the door .went in there once but wouldnt want to go back in there ,plenty of local big apes going in there at weekends . expats talk of it (sofia)  being great till around 2007 when it all went wrong for some reason ,may have been the EU spreading its tentacles about that time

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