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Escorts and Prostitution

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Here is a list of strip clubs in Brussels:

  • L'Empire

Circusstraat / Rue du Cirque 7 Brussels, Belgium Club Type: Nude

  • Cine ABC

Star Rating - Exceptional +32 (0) 2 217 9495 Boulevard Adolphe Max 147-149 Brussels, Belgium Club Type: Nude

  • Paradise

Rue D'Aerschot 25 Brussels, Belgium Club Type: Peep Show

  • Le Berry • Rue d'Aerschot •
  • Manhattan American Bar • Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 83 • 02/280.00.36
  • The Funny Horse Club • 37, rue de Livourne • +3225346131


Does anyone have any personal reviews about these places?

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Fifth Avenue pub is is near to Yser/Ijer underground station.

There is rooms in the upstair of the pub.

There is plenty of escorts to choose from and busiest time is 19-22 hours. Rooms cosrt 25-35 euros and 35 euro rooms have shower. Cost of a whore is 50 euros. Most whores come from Romania, Morocco and old soviet countries.

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What are the average prostitution prices in Brussels? How much does basic prostitute cost in US dollars? What about Brussel prostitutes who work in a massage parlors compared to the street level hookers and high end escort whores?

How safe it is to have sex with prostitutes in Brussels and does LE leave you alone and is prostitution legal in Belgium?

Are there pretty or good looking escorts in Brussels?


Where can I find prostitutes or massage parlours in Brussels? Where are the prostitution hot spots or red light districts in Brussels?

Is there a special red light district for gay and ladyboy prostitutes? How about the gay scene in Brussels? Is gay sex tourism big in Brussels?

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With prostitutions in Belgium all good) this is fully freedom country and you don't must afraid about legal or illegal... I'm never not heart any experience when guys was have problems on sex dating in Brussels. 

I was have very good experience paydate with independent escort girl in Brussels Valentina http://priveladies.com/escort-profile/valentina she use real amateurs pictures, and provided good sex service, possible incall dating. 


In Brussels many différents escorts girls and any girl have individual price, some ladies ask 50€ per one paydate, some ask 500€ per one hour hour for example luxury call girl Avrora ... personally for me this is to much... but if have this is price, I think some guys ready pay for one hour pay this is money... 

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