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    General Reports

    What are the average prostitution prices in Antwerp? How much does basic prostitute cost in US dollars? What about Antwerp prostitutes who work in a massage parlors compared to the street level hookers and high end escort whores? How safe it is to have sex with prostitutes in Antwerp and does LE leave you alone and is prostitution legal in Belgium? Are there pretty or good looking escorts in Antwerp? Where can I find prostitutes or massage parlours in Antwerp? Where are the prostitution hot spots or red light districts in Antwerp? Is there a special red light district for gay and ladyboy prostitutes? How about the gay scene in Antwerp? Is gay sex tourism big in Antwerp?
  2. Hello, Are there any strip clubs in Baghdad or nightclubs with prostitutes? Probably not, but just asking.
  3. Ibiza

    General Reports

    What are the average prostitution prices in Oslo? How much does basic prostitute cost in US dollars? What about Oslo prostitutes who work in a massage parlors compared to the street level hookers and high end escort whores? How safe it is to have sex with prostitutes in Oslo? Are there pretty or good looking escorts in Oslo centre? Where can I find prostitutes or massage parlours in Oslo? Where are the prostitution hot spots or red light districts in Oslo? Is there a special red light district for gay and ladyboy prostitutes in Oslo? How about the gay scene in Oslo? Is there any gay sex tourism in Oslo?
  4. Ibiza

    General Reports

    What are the average prostitution prices in Sofia? How much does basic prostitute cost in US dollars? What about Sofia prostitutes who work in a massage parlors compared to the street level hookers and high end escort whores? How safe it is to have sex with prostitutes in Sofia and does LE leave you alone and is prostitution legal in Bulgaria? Are there pretty or good looking escorts in Sofia? Where can I find prostitutes or massage parlours in Sofia? Where are the prostitution hot spots or red light districts in Sofia? Is there a special red light district for gay and ladyboy prostitutes? How about the gay scene in Sofia? Is there any gay sex tourism in Sofia?
  5. Ibiza

    FKK Paradies

    I have. I think it was 60 euros if I remember correctly. My couchsurfing friend who I did stay is a frequent visitor at the Paradies and he pays like 800€ for a card that saves you half or something. I can not remember how may visits he gets but the price was way cheaper with this card. Tap beer was good like always in Germany and free like other drinks. We took a taxi there which was something like 20€. They had saunas, pools and overall the Paradies was very clean. 30 minutes was 50€. Most girls were Romanian or Bulgarian I think. Sex was good. Oral with condom.
  6. Ibiza

    General Reports

    No. Dude you should share your information and ask questions off course. I fucking hate how the fucking spammers ruin so many sex talk forums. Just use the online escorts and you will be fine. Price 100uk is enough. I dont live in UK. But I have visitited London, Birmingham, Liverpool and many other cities.
  7. Ibiza

    Massage Parlor Reports

    Usually you negotiate the extras in a private room. HJ is offered almost always at the Liverpool AMP´s. FS sometimes.
  8. Ibiza

    Street Prostitute Reports

    You guys should post more youtube videos of these LA street whores. I love them.
  9. Ibiza

    General Reports

    Only staid few days in Swaziland and Mbabane. I never did see any street whores in Mbabane. Many girls walking on the street, but it was hard to know if they are whores. Hotels are around 40 to 80 us dollars in the city. It is best to go and bargain with them on the site. My friend had a great sex in Mbabane. We were driving around and picked up a hitch-hiker from the street. Then drove him to the hotel where we staid. Cost was like 60 us dollars per night. We stayed at the Mountain Inn. This is a secured hotel with a great views. Hotel bar has cheap beer and the breakfest was ok. My friend came really fast, but was still happy because this girl was just 18 years old with a never ever shaved very hairy pussy. Girl was also super happy and this was a great memory on our trip. Not many girls in Tinder at Mbabane, so it is best just to do your day time game. Go talk to a nice looking girl, or just do not do the small talk. Only say: HI, I LIKE YOU. I WANT TO SEE YOU LATER. WHAT IS YOUR NUMBER? Then you will be fucking faster you know!
  10. Ibiza

    General Reports

    I never paid for sex in Lesotho. We did some driving around in Lesotho and stayed one night in a guesthouse. Easiest way to get sex in Lesotho is in my mind, just picking up a female hitch-hiker in the street. Then just chat with them and ask if they like to stay with you in a hotel. Most are more than happy to do this. Non of them asked money from us. They were happy for a free ride, food and stay. Lesotho is not a mongering place overall, it is more like a great 420 chillout country! Amazing nature. I would recommend to see it, drive around, stop and talk to the locals, eat food with them and smile. Super safe country! Amazing difference to South Africa.
  11. Ibiza

    General Reports

    Yes there are many prostitutes, whores and normal girls who want to have sex for free in Dar Es Salaam. Q Bar & Guest House is the popular mongering spot in Dar Es Salaam. Many escorts at the night time and also daytime there are also few. You can also have cheap beer at there, play pool and watch sports at the huge screen. They have also decent rooms. Cost was something like 40$ to $60 for a double room with- or without bathroom. It is not a bad price for a hotel room in Dar Es Salaam, but you can still find better quality airbnb or hotel in Dar Es Salaam, but not in as good location. I would recommend to stay at least near Q-bar in Dar Es Salaam or you will get really bored. Also, make sure not to stay in a fucking hostel with the poor people. Just get your own room as it is fucking insanely easy to get sex from tinder in Dar Es Salaam. You just like the girls, and then say "HELLO", they will answer sometimes right away" WHERE IS YOUR HOTEL" !!! I am dead serious! Even more "good girls" are willing to come to your hotel even before coffee or a short walk. Again, sex is great with them! Nice roundy black asses, clean shaved pussies and actually really fun girls to chat whit! You may even fall in love. My friend who is a player fucked like 4 girls in 2 nights in Cape Town. Never paid money for them. For two he paid uber back home! Btw. Uber in Dar Es Salaam is so shitty! I mean it is better than taxi as taxi is fricking expensive in Dar Es Salaam. But if you order Uber in Dar Es Salaam, then make sure to choose payment option: CASH. As most drivers will cancel your order, if you have chosen: CREDIT CARD. Cars are very old. Like 10 years at least and sometimes you are suppose to have an old man driver, but there is young guy behind the wheel. Daytime game is also nice in Dar Es Salaam. You can just talk to any girl, ask the number and then invite them to your hotel later! For sex do not got to the Zanzibar unless you are an woman +30. Men do not get sex easily in Zanzibar. Stay in Dar Es Salaam if you like to have sex with black sexy girls!
  12. Ibiza

    Transexuals and Ladyboys

    Again. Be careful with the street girls in Cape Town. Especially with the tranny street girls. I never did see any tranny street whores in Cape Town. Maybe they are in the townships and I would be too scared to go to the townships. There is only one local t-girls in Cape Town with tits. Her name is Tanya and she lives a short walk or short uber ride from the Long St bar area. Nice apartment, clean, safe and decent looking. Not like the best trannies in Europe. But maybe (1-10 rating) I would give her 6. There is nothing better in Cape Town, so just pick her. Cheap prices also. You can negotiate with her. Threesome with her friend Amber is possible. Amber does not have tits, and seems a bit moody. I would not hook up with her because she seemed up like a drama queen, but I could be wrong as I have never met her. Oops! The both girls are black and Tanya is also "Party" friendly if you like that shit. I do not. I am highly against.
  13. Ibiza

    Escorts and Prostitution

    I think if there is one place where you should not pay for escorts, this place is the Cape Town. If you are white good looking guy, you will get sex for free from black girls as much you like. White local girls are really snobby, mostly racist, rich and messed up from the head, do not go for them! Colored girls are also nice!
  14. Ibiza

    Street Prostitution

    Mostly picking up street girls in Cape Town is not smart unless you are an experienced monger. These days you will have some street whores at the Long street. You can just pick up some cheap beer there, sit down and drink. Cost is like under 2US$ for a big beer! Hookers hang out at the seedy pubs, and nearby corners. Mostly black street whores. I have never seen white street girls in Long St. as most of the poor whites and colored just ask money from you there and keep following you and sometimes follow you for 10 minutes and just ask money. Well...About the street whores in Long St. Cost is around 17US$ to 34US$ (200 to 400 Rand) was the price these black chicks asked. I am sure you can bargain also. Never picked any girl, because I it is so easy to get sex from the black girls in South Africa just for free. They love white dick! Tinder, daytime street game are the best options. Also night game is good. Sex with the black free girls is amazing! I recommend! Just remeber to use condom! STD rate in South Africa is hardcore. 20% is the current HIV rate I think!
  15. Ibiza

    Escort in Liverpool

    Well. Impossible to recommend anything unless I know your fantasies.
  16. Ibiza

    Paradise prices?

    I do not know for sure how much they charge. Usual charge in Germany is around 30 Euro to 80 Euro. I would say most girls do oral without a condom. At least for an extra surcharge. Please write here after the visit if you had fun!
  17. Ibiza

    Street Prostitution

    That is pretty common. I really recommend not to pay to a street whore before hand. Or if the price is 30 euro, then pay 15 in advance and 15 after.
  18. Ibiza

    Street Prostitute Reports

    I have never heard about this Hounslow. But I googled a little bit and found one article about it. Seems like there is some kind of action going on :) Two men who ran brothels in Hounslow and Hayes have been jailed for a total of 21 months. Sandel Lupu and Onudinald Boca each admitted two counts of running brothels in Kingsley Avenue, Hounslow, and Uxbridge Road, Hayes. Lupu, 33, of Heston Road, Hounslow, and Boca, 35, of Hayre Drive, Southall, were each sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court on Tuesday (September 29) to nine months imprisonment for the two offences. Lupu was given an extra three months after admitting possession of an offensive weapon, namely a stun gun. A third man, Mihai Hotnogu, 36, of Hayre Drive, Southall, admitted possession of criminal property. He was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years. The court heard how police had raided the brothels on March 30 and found Lupu at the Hounslow address, along with six young female sex workers, and Boca at the Hayes property, where there were also a number of sex workers. When interviewed, all the prostitutes told police they were there of their own free will and had not been forced into sex work. Officers later searched Hotnogu's home and found £48,336 in cash, the prosecutor told the court, £1,000 of which was the proceeds of prostitution from a friend and the rest of which was undeclared earnings from his various jobs including working as a doorman and a builder. The defence counsel told the court Boca and Lupu had each been paid £40 a day to work at the brothels, where they ran errands for the sex workers, buying toiletries, topping up their mobiles and ferrying them to and from the buildings, as well as distributing calling cards. Hotnogu's lawyer described the defendant as a "hard-working" father who gave up his spare time to help out at a boxing club and a voluntary organisation called Babylon. Sentencing Hotnogu, Judge Winstanley said: "Money laundering at this level is a serious criminal offence, such that it can only be dealt with by a custodial sentence... "But you're not in any significant way connected with this most unpleasant business of exploiting groups of young women, save in that limited extent in respect of that lady working in the Kingsley Avenue activity who you knew, which is where the £1,000 came from." All three men, who are originally from Romania, had denied various other charges, which were dismissed by the prosecution. Marina Hotnogu, 35, also of Hayre Drive, Southall, had denied charges of possessing criminal property and having a weapon for the discharge of a noxious gas. These charges were also dismissed. Is it much cheaper in Hounslow than in Soho? I will be visiting London again at the beginning of the year. I think I will stop in Hounslow for sure.
  19. Ibiza

    Casa Rosso

    So the entrance fee has gone up in Casa Rosso? I though it was something like €35. But I think €50 for a show and two drinks is not that bad if you compare to the other major tourist attractions in Amsterdam like Anne Frank museum etc.. Even the girls at the red light district want €50 for a quick suck and fuck. I would personally rather go and masturbate at the peep show next to Casa Rosso. If youa re quick you will only need €2 to cum. I think €2 will give you a two minute peeping in a booth. Then I would head to the Casa Rosso and chill out. Letting people pass the line up is common at every major nightclub and venue in Europe. If you do not wish to wait in the line, just book the show in advance for your group or go at the silent day.
  20. Ibiza

    General Reports

    Thank you for the great report!
  21. Ibiza

    Erotic and Thai Massage Parlours

    Do you guys know where I could find a full list of the thai massage salons in Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo? I found these from the internet search and some more are listed on wikisexguide: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Helsinki/Massage_parlors Riinan Thai-Hieronta Vaasankatu 20 B, 00500 HELSINKI 044 937 8651 Thai-Hieronta Jen Kolmaslinja 36, 00530 HELSINKI 044 939 3768 The oriental thai Oy Santakatu 12 F, 00180 HELSINKI 046 542 3151 Thai Shu Rod Arentikuja 4, 00410 HELSINKI 040 837 2933 Thai Asia Take-Away Ratamestarinkatu 3, 00520 HELSINKI 050 300 6180 Baanthai Mannerheimintie 100, 00250 HELSINKI Kaanmukda Thaihieronta Hiihtomäentie 14 B 28, 00810 HELSINKI 040 840 8402 Chamaiporn Thaimassage Haljutorikatu 2, 00500 HELSINKI 050 573 4024 Phon-Pra-U-Maa Thaihieronta Sepänkatu 9 A, 00150 HELSINKI 040 071 9237 Sabaithai Tmi Eurantie 8-10, 00550 HELSINKI 044 253 9281
  22. Ibiza

    Is there a list of Love Motels in Ft Worth

    Well in Ft Worth, you can find dirty motels for $39.99. I think that will do the thing? I have only been once in Fort worth and staid at these cheap motels. But I have no clue about working girls over there. Hope some one else can answer to this topic.
  23. Ibiza

    Strip Clubs and Freelancer Clubs

    Near Kamppi, There is only one private show place called http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Helsinki/Strip_clubs/Queen%27s_Show In Kallio, there are two good private show places and many more which are not so good. My favorites are: http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Helsinki/Strip_clubs/Magic_Life and http://www.wikisexguide.com/wiki/Helsinki/Strip_clubs/Hot_Girls All these places except Queens Show offer private striptease shows (fully nude) for 20 euro and it gives you about 10 minutes time in a private booth. Cheap fun!
  24. Ibiza

    Russian girls in Bangkok

    Price is fair. But remember bro´s. There is always an option to bargain if you are young and good looking. I will keep bargaining and making deals as long I still look good. Because I can not do this when I am old.
  25. Ibiza

    Breast Milk

    Dam. These clubs really make me miss Thailand. Wether it is Pattaya, Bangkok or Phuket. I am always happy. Korean girls are actually easy pick ups. They are quite free and easy to get laid with when they are travelling. I assume in their home countries they are not very active in the casual sex, but I have personally fucked them couple times. Once in a cruise ship. This girl at the cruise ship was super shy. She never allowed me to undress her. I had to fuck her with her clothes on. She just pulled her pants a little bit down so I could stick my cock in. I fucked her bareback and she bad very hairy pussy and the pussy hair was kind of rough. I did not cum inside her, but it was still a great experience. She slept in my room rest of the trip, because she had no room as it was overnight cruise which goes from city to city. Other time I fucked a Korean, was back in Philippines and we ended up kind of dating for a couple weeks, and later she got married with my Turkish friend and now they live happily ever after in Europe.